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  • Good Days and Better Days

    Good Days and Better Days

    [caption id="attachment_3881" align="aligncenter" width="768"] View from outside my window at the Portland hotel.[/caption] It snowed this morning. The blowing, blinding kind of snow. It might have been a blizzard if it hadn't stopped, but it did. By noon the sun was breaking through blue sky.[..]
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  • Spiritual Refugees

    Spiritual Refugees

    I keep thinking about the families. The ones caught up in the Driscoll/MarsHill debacle. I read the news stories, the blog posts, the Twitter feed. I take note of the wise-cracks, the I-told-you-sos, the self-righteous parading about, and I can't help but think about Mark[..]
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  • Evangelical Hocus-Pocus

    Evangelical Hocus-Pocus

      I was slain in the spirit once. Splayed out. Laid flat. Old-fashioned revival time all out slain and down for the count. I know, right? Me. A journalist. Laying there on my back at the altar of God, staring at the lights of that[..]
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  • Martin Luther King & Sudan’s Human Rights Disaster

    Martin Luther King & Sudan’s Human Rights Disaster

        "Our Father who art in Heaven," I prayed, even as a little boy in Sudan, "hallowed be thy name."  I was baptized as a child and learned about God and his will and his Kingdom in Catholic schools.  I have always believed that[..]
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  • Young & Driscoll

    Young & Driscoll

    I'm headed up to Seattle Friday to see my buddy Paul Young. Paul has issued an open invite to Pastor Mark Driscoll of Seattle's Mars Hill to join him for a discussion. I'll be reporting back here on the blog and over at Twitter about[..]
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