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Catching up with Ms. Cosper


Whenever I get to the Georgia Museum of Agriculture in Tifton, Georgia, where our boy now works, I look forward to a hug and a visit with Ms. Ferol Cosper. A 100-years young, Ms. Cosper works at the museum. Drives her own self to work still, she does. Packs her peanut butter sandwich and brings her apron with her. Ms. Cosper will be the first to tell you she can’t cook.

“I couldn’t cook a thing when I got married,” she says.

The young couple lived with her husband’s parents. Ms. Cosper’s mother-in-law offered to make the biscuits if Ms. Cosper would cook the eggs. Easy enough, right? If you had ever cooked an egg. Ms. Cosper had not. So, quick-thinker that she is still, Ms. Cosper told her mother-in-law, “Why don’t you show me exactly how your son likes them and I’ll watch you so I know how to make them like you do.” read more

Miss Rutabaga’s Encounter with the Wind Goddess


Miss Rutabaga had a reputation around school. Of course that wasn’t nothing new, everybody in school had a reputation whether they wanted one or not. Nobody knew how these reputations came to be. They just showed up one day and no matter what a person did to shed themselves of such reputations, they persisted like a boll weevil in cotton. Miss Rutabaga didn’t like to waste energy if she could help it, so she decided rather than trying to fight the reputation assigned to her by the gossip gods, she would just try and live up to hers. And that’s how come she came to be known around U-Tsu-Dv High School as the “Hard One.” read more

In Lieu of Google

Kids reading

The lady ringing up the items was hunched over. It was difficult to tell if she was that way because she was tired or because of her age. Or maybe both.

Her name was Peggy. It said so right there in that place near a person’s heart where all names are embroidered. Her hair was the blonde of Sandra Dee’s. It was teased and cement-sprayed. Deep crevasses crossed her face, a map of the journeys she’s traveled over the years.

The guy in the line just ahead of me was patient as Peggy rang up the items of the shopper before him. She moved with the speed of sourghum poured out. It took her about ten minutes to ring up six items. read more

Embrace the Adventure


There came this point last year where I felt I had to make a decision about somethings I had been avoiding. Chiefly, should I or should I not pursue a MFA program. I’ve been thinking about it for a few years now but something else always distracted me, things like family and the books I was already writing.

Several of my friends have completed long-distance MFA programs, usually through Spalding’s low-residency program. It’s a terrific program and had I decided to pursue the MFA I likely would have chosen this route. But being an OSU grad already, I did check out OSU’s MFA program in Central Oregon as well. read more