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Cussing on the Way to Church


It was there, while crossing the bridge that connect this part of Oregon with the southern part of Washington, that I glanced over at a boat cutting through the silver waters of the Columbia River. Maybe it was the stillness of the water. Or maybe it was the way the fading light cast out over the river. Just that brief glimpse from the steel archway joining the border of one land to another gave me pause. read more

Spying: Who gives a bong?


You might worry, too, if your last name was Zacharias.

Did you see the report that the National Security Agency and FBI have breached the privacy of US citizens?

Not surprisingly there isn’t a Jones, Brown, Greene, or Smith in the bunch.

But there is a Gill.

Somebody better warn Vince.

This particular Gill was under surveillance by the US government while he was a Republican candidate for the Virginia House of Delegates. read more