Resurrection Posts

A Resurrection of a Different Sort


Salem, Oregon – Resurrection is that moment when Jesus rose up from the darkened cave in which he was buried, cast off his too-tight grave clothes, pushed aside that massive stone and walked out in the bright sunlight of day.

He is Risen, as my grandson Bean declares.

But resurrection isn’t just a one-time happening that absolved a world of its daily and unyielding sinfulness. Resurrection happens every single day in our lives and the lives of those we love, in big and small ways. Too often, though, we fail to recognize the daily resurrections, fail to see them for the miracles they are, fail to shout the victories that are happening all around us. read more

An Easter Message


My daughter sent me a text last night of my grandson. He was sitting in his rocker with his bare feet in a pan, his pants cuff rolled up, grinning from ear-to-ear.

His momma had just washed his feet. A retelling of the Scripture story.

He liked it so much he asked her to wash them again. To tell him the story of Jesus once more.

So she did.

When she finished, he asked if he could wash her feet. read more