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White People’s stories

When the white people tell the stories of black folk, they tell it from their point of view, in the same way victors tell the stories of war.

When victors tell the stories of war, they tell stories of bravery and brotherhood; stories of courage and sacrifices made. Victors always leave out the stories of unfathomable cruelty. Or if they tell it, they do so with a nod that says, “War, you know. These things happen.” read more

A Few of My Favorites: BOOK GIVEAWAY!!!

Border child

The first thing I usually do after preparing a manuscript for publication is to read new work.

That’s right.

I start reading all the books I didn’t have time to read prior. Currently, I’m reading MY NAME IS LUCY BARTON. The book got great reviews but I’m undecided on it. But like I said, I’m only halfway through the book so I’ll keep at it.

I’ve also got a pile of books that some of you have recommended that I can’t wait to get around to reading. I’ll let you know when I do. Meanwhile, two friends have launched new books in the past weeks and I am giving away free copies!!!! That’s right – FREE!!! read more

Inside Trump’s Bubble


The cashier helping me was Hispanic. I was in a national chain department store, picking up a couple of things for the grandboys. It should have been an easy, carefree moment. Routine, even.

The tall man standing behind me was dressed in military fatigues, a pretty unusual site in this area of Washington State where there are no military bases, no National Guard Armory. It made me wonder for a moment if perhaps he wasn’t one of those “fakers”, you know men who dress in military gear hoping for a discount, even though they’ve never served.  It happens. Why else would a man be out shopping in the kids department of a chain store on the middle of the day in a town known more for its retirement community than its military presence? Seemed unusual to me. read more

Global Citizen Wendy Scott Cayless: From Apartheid to Australia #PeopleoftheResistance

Editor’s Note: This is the third installment in a series of interviews I’m conducting with people across the country. This is an effort to get to know the stories of the people whose status updates I see on Facebook.  It is the discovery of how people came to form their political beliefs, what worries they might have and what gives them hope. These are #PeopleoftheResistance. If you have a story to share, shoot me a note read more

To Wish Donald Trump Success


To wish Donald Trump success is to teach boys and girls the world over that bullying is perfectly acceptable behavior. So, go, be a bully. Bullies are winners.

To wish Donald Trump success is to teach boys and girls the world over that the color of your skin matters. Whites are the far superior race. Go and be white. Or loathe yourselves.

To wish Donald Trump success is to teach boys the world over that is okay to grab girls in their privates anytime you like because that’s just boys being boys. It’s not sexual assault. So make a reach for that girl’s breasts in the classroom. Pinch her pussy as she walks down the hallway. Slap her ass as she carries her lunch tray. Like Trump says, you have that right. Girls will let you do whatever you want as long as you act like you have that right. So go into the world and be a grabber. read more