• Blood Betrayal

    Blood Betrayal

    The first hint Myrlie had that her boy Dane was up to no good happened on Wednesday night. She’d come into the kitchen through the back door and seen Dane sitting at the dinette table fingering his way through a wad of dollar bills. He[..]
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  • Charleston Hospitality

    Charleston Hospitality

    I didn’t tell him about the bridge. Sometimes information just causes a person to worry needlessly. This was an actual case of “we will cross that bridge when we come to it.”  He sucked in his breath as most everyone does when they see the[..]
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  • The Rise of Anti-Abortion Zealots

    The Rise of Anti-Abortion Zealots

      Marjorie Dannenfelser has promised to corral her lobbying resources and funnel $41 million into getting Donald Trump re-elected and putting pro-life legislators into office. And make no mistake, there is no low for her when it comes to picking a candidate who will vote the[..]
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  • About Emily Letts & that Abortion Video

    About Emily Letts & that Abortion Video

      Writing about the pros and cons of abortion always makes me feel like a hypocrite. How can I possible advise others when I know how wrenching and personal such a decision can be? On one hand I don’t feel the least bit qualified to[..]
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