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Gold Star Families: Making a President Look More Presidential


There are these documents most every Gold Star family has stashed somewhere. The signatures on those documents change from era to era, but the White House seal, it stays the same. The ones I have are over 50 years old now. They belonged to my mother but she passed them on to me – the document keeper of the family.

There’s the Regret-to-Inform telegram confirming that Staff Sgt. David P. Spears was KIA on July 24, 1966.

There’s the Letter of Sympathy sent from the United States president. read more

Judging Intellect


There I was, all decked out in my red suede shoes and glossy pink lipstick, enjoying myself. Not at all expecting what was about to transpire.

I would have bet my last bag of pork skins that never in a million years would an elected official stand in front of me the way that lanky fellow was and say to me the things he was a sayin.

We were at one of those literary events. You know the sort. People put on their finery and invite their friends to come out to hear an author talk about the book they wrote. read more