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Wigging out with Sister Tater

Apparently teenagers-in-chief Kim Jong Un and Donald Trump haven’t yet blown us all to smithereens. It isn’t for a lack of trying. Thanks a lot for absolutely nothing, Lindsey Graham. Don’t you just love it when folks who couldn’t pass the entrance exam to enlist feel perfectly emboldened to send our sons and daughters off to do their bloody bidding?

Good for the folks in Guam for not paying Trump and his alter-ego Kimmie Jong no never mind. As any mother of toddlers can attest to, fit-throwing is best ignored. The worst thing anyone can do is to affirm temper tantrums. I make it a point to always ignore those who demand attention by way of histrionics. And if there is one thing Trump and Kimmy Jong can’t stand, it’s being considered irrelevant and then ignored. read more

Trump’s Sexual Assaults


I am going to tell you a very personal story about sexual assault. You may not want to read this. I understand. I completely and utterly understand. I wish this was not my story to tell.

But it is.

And it’s a hard one.

In 1963, we moved to Hawaii where my father was stationed with the 25th Infantry Division. I was six years old and in the first-grade.

We never lived on base. We always lived in whatever community we were stationed at. Whatever we could afford on a GI’s salary.

In Hawaii, that was in a Filipino Village. It was a hard place, only one other white family there besides ours. The Appalachia of Oahu in many ways. These were rural people who raised chickens and gutted pigs in the backyard. People who went to the bathroom outside and used a water hose to wash off their asses. read more

Honoring those other Veterans of War

Galloway. Moses. Me

Joe Galloway is a journalist, author, friend.

Joe Galloway is also a veteran of wars.  Several of them, including the ones still ongoing in Iraq and Afghanistan. And, yes, I know the war in Iraq is reportedly “over.”

Try telling that to ISIS.

The first war zone Galloway served in was never a declared war: Vietnam. Congress, it would seem, has been waffling on wars for as long as the US has been waging them.

This Veterans Day Galloway will be in DC speaking to the crowds gathered at the World War II Memorial. Later he will head over to the Vietnam Memorial Wall to be with the crowds there. read more