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What are we to do about President Trump’s Hate Tweets?


Our president talks trash Every. Single. Damn. Day.

Never in my lifetime has a man so diminished the office of president in such a short time.

Give him a chance, my conservative friends cry.

How many chances does this man need to act like a decent and kind human being?

The Scriptures tell us that you will know a man’s heart by the words that come spewing forth from his mouth. By now you should figure out that my heart is troubled, deeply, deeply troubled.

You should also know that Trump is an evil-hearted man.

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Kensington Barnes: A Story of Firsts

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We have been expecting you.

Not just your mom and dad,

But all of us,

The Spears Family.

With each pregnancy – there have been nine of them prior to yours! – we all wondered, wished, and sometimes prayed: A girl.

Maybe this time it will be a girl. 

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Sometimes we shed tears when we discovered it was a boy instead.

Oh. Brother. Another.

Don’t think ill of us.

Don’t think us ungrateful.

It is a great gift to be a girl anticipated,

A girl longed for,

A girl prayed for,

A girl wanted.

So many girls around the world never know what it means to be wanted,

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