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What are we to do about President Trump’s Hate Tweets?


Our president talks trash Every. Single. Damn. Day.

Never in my lifetime has a man so diminished the office of president in such a short time.

Give him a chance, my conservative friends cry.

How many chances does this man need to act like a decent and kind human being?

The Scriptures tell us that you will know a man’s heart by the words that come spewing forth from his mouth. By now you should figure out that my heart is troubled, deeply, deeply troubled. read more

Kensington Barnes: A Story of Firsts

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We have been expecting you.

Not just your mom and dad,

But all of us,

The Spears Family.

With each pregnancy – there have been nine of them prior to yours! – we all wondered, wished, and sometimes prayed: A girl.

Maybe this time it will be a girl. 

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Sometimes we shed tears when we discovered it was a boy instead.

Oh. Brother. Another.

Don’t think ill of us.

Don’t think us ungrateful. read more