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My Prayers for 2017

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I have this painting that a friend made me. It is a colorful painting with a big yellow sun in it and the phrase “FIND YOUR HAPPY” in big bold letters.


Many a theologian has warned us that if we go in search of happiness we will surely be disappointed. They often quote from the Scriptures: “Seek you first the kingdom of God and  his righteousness and all these things shall be added unto you.” read more

Jesus is Not an American

Sarah Palin Meets With Donald Trump In New York During Her Bus Tour

I’ve been doing some reading about the effects of unforgiveness on the physical body. It has to do with that next novel I’m writing. But while going through reams of scientific research, I got to thinking about this election year.

I was going to write a post about how many of us – me included – need to forgive Donald Trump for being an ass. Not because he’s asking for forgiveness, mind you. Trump has gone on the record saying he never asks for forgiveness because he never does anything he needs forgiving for. (Which begs the question of how Liberty University can continue to throw their collective ignorant weight behind a candidate who outright rejects the teachings of Christ). read more

Stories in My Mother’s Bible

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There are stories in my mother’s bible. The bible I have. She had several. She wrote in all of them. Of all the things she wrote, this is my favorite:

Walk straight on my son, do not turn your head, do not look back. You are going to the land of our Lord.

Mama wrote that the quote came from I heard the Owl Call My Name. 

I had never heard of that book, so I looked it up. It’s a novel from the 1960s, by the writer Maragret Craven. Perhaps you know it? read more

Intentional Acts of Kindness

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My girlfriend and I were talking about things, you know the way you do when you get together with a friend you haven’t visited with for awhile. We were catching up on all the family and friends goings on.

Our family had a new baby this week. The one I wrote about here.  She arrived a few days early. Kind of a poetic thing, really. Kensington was born on June 23. Mama’s birthday was January 23.  Everybody is happy and healthy. read more

On the Week You Were Born

mt hoodOn the week you were born, the sun shone bright in the town where I live,

but an inversion of cotton-white clouds filled the basin of the Columbia.

Looking in my rear view mirror as I drove south on Highway 97,

through Rufus, Moro, Grass Valley, Shaniko (ghost-town settled)

I could see the snow-capped mountains – Adams, Rainier – but I could not see the big ditch river.

On the week you were born, I drove around a corner of drab stubble fields read more