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This is My Confession


She opened up the appointment book and flipped through the pages, trying to figure out a way to schedule the next haircut around both of our schedules. If we don’t get it on the books, then too many weeks pass by and I grow increasingly overwhelmed by bangs gone awry.

We never did settle on the next date, which means last night’s cut & color is the last one before the taping of a nationally syndicated TV show in mid-November and the last one before my 60th birthday, just days after the election, read more

Somebody Else’s Sacrifice


Refugees fleeing Mosul

Yes, I watched the last debate. You knew I would. I get why people don’t, especially those who have voted already. And, no, watching the final debate didn’t change my vote. I doubt it changed yours, either.

If you didn’t like Hillary before, you aren’t going to like her any more now.

And if you didn’t like Trump before, you likely detest him by now.

Count me among those who have no respect for Trump. I’m not going to try and change your mind about your vote one way or another, but I do want to explain this thing that Trump does that drives me over the edge of raving mad. read more

Dreaming of Pat Conroy


I did not want to wake. I so rarely have such beautiful dreams.

This one, it was the sort from which I never wanted to wake.

I was dreaming of Pat Conroy.

Pat and I were meeting at a bookstore. Not just any bookstore, but one tucked into a multi-level pagoda nestled between two ragged-edged cliffs that dropped off into a misty abyss. What was beyond those crags, I could not say. Those cliffs rose above me and dropped off below me. As I walked, crowds of people stood to one side or the other, afraid to move for fear of accidentally walking off a ledge. read more

Pat: A Natural Born Mentor

Photo credit: Elizabeth DeRamus

Photo credit: Elizabeth DeRamus

Ironically enough, some of the most small-minded people I ever worked with worked in newsrooms.  I was reminded of that this weekend as I read numerous newspaper articles about the death of Pat Conroy.

My heart was heavy when I read an AP article stating, “The heavy-set author had battled other health problems in recent years, including diabetes, high blood pressure and a failing liver.” read more

An Excellent Cricket

FullSizeRender (1) When I turned 50, friends & family threw a party for me in Washington, DC. One of my dear veteran friends, Redman Flegal, who never reads any of my books, even the ones that feature him, gave me an old copy of Prince of Tides. Inside was an inscribed note from Pat Conroy wishing me Happy Birthday. Only I knew Pat and knew he didn’t write it. Redman

and the other veterans make a habit of sending me notes from famous people. They taunt me that way. I sent Pat a note and told him what Red had done. Pat got such a kick out of that, he sent me a note back telling me to tell Red how much he relished that prank. read more