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  • The Banjo Player

    The Banjo Player

    He was standing next to a pick-up with New Jersey license plates with a banjo strapped around his neck and a face mask pushed up on his head. "Look for the people who wear face masks," someone suggested. "They will be the people who believe[..]
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  • We Can Do Hard Things

    We Can Do Hard Things

    Resurrection is going to take on a whole new meaning for all of us this year, I think. I am on my 10th day of dealing with whatever this is that I have. The cough has lingered, although I have finally been fever free for[..]
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  • Touch in the Era of Pandemic

    Touch in the Era of Pandemic

    Friday the 13th marks the first 24 hours I have gone without a fever over the past week. If you have been following the recent blog posts you know by now that I came down sick last Saturday, went to Urgent Care on Sunday, called[..]
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  • Update on No Test for Our Community

    Update on No Test for Our Community

    [caption id="attachment_5067" align="aligncenter" width="640"] Model Naomi Campbell in her new traveling gear during a pandemic. [/caption]   The hospital volunteer switched the channel to the 700 Club. "Seriously?" I whispered. So she changed it to FOXNews. Sigh. I was waiting to be ushered into the isolation[..]
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  • The Era of Self-Isolation

    The Era of Self-Isolation

    I have a job in which I work from home, thankfully. On days like today I come into contact with less than oh, two people. Me and the Starbucks gal. There's something to be said for solitude. My husband said this week, "You are becoming[..]
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