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Wigging out with Sister Tater

Apparently teenagers-in-chief Kim Jong Un and Donald Trump haven’t yet blown us all to smithereens. It isn’t for a lack of trying. Thanks a lot for absolutely nothing, Lindsey Graham. Don’t you just love it when folks who couldn’t pass the entrance exam to enlist feel perfectly emboldened to send our sons and daughters off to do their bloody bidding?

Good for the folks in Guam for not paying Trump and his alter-ego Kimmie Jong no never mind. As any mother of toddlers can attest to, fit-throwing is best ignored. The worst thing anyone can do is to affirm temper tantrums. I make it a point to always ignore those who demand attention by way of histrionics. And if there is one thing Trump and Kimmy Jong can’t stand, it’s being considered irrelevant and then ignored. read more

People and their rice paddies

If Kim Jong Un decides to out-bully Trump this may very well prove to be my very last blog post. For all you people wondering what the Bay of Pigs moment was like, this is it. This temper-tantrum meltdown between two completely erratic and insane abusers.

I hold Trump in utter contempt.

You may have noticed.

I’m pretty sure even God is fed up with Trump, despite what Stupid Head Robert Jeffress says about him.

Normally, I’d be so far inland, I wouldn’t worry too much about a pissing match between Trump and his half-brother Kim. But right now I’m out here on the Olympic Peninsula. I’ll be here for the week. Maybe that will give Mattis and Kelly long enough to get Trump his lithium. If not, well, I’m going to run toward the light. Surviving a nuclear attack has never really appealed to me. read more

Push Back with Jimmie Moomaw #PeopleoftheResistance

Editor’s Note: This is the second installment in a series of interviews I’m conducting with people across the country. This is an effort to get to know the stories of the people whose status updates I see on Facebook.  It is the discovery of how people came to form their political beliefs, what worries they might have and what gives them hope. These are #PeopleoftheResistance. If you have a story to share, shoot me a note

Jimmie. Angel

Salisbury, N.C. – Moving off up north wasn’t easy for Jimmie Moomaw. She’d spent near about her entire adult life – forty-one years of it   in Atlanta. She and her husband Ned, a professor at Agnes Scott College, moved to the big city. Leaving behind that life and all that familiarity wasn’t easy.   read more

Ludine’s Sleeping Problem


Ludine Mawbry could hear her phone buzzing in the bathroom but she was not about to get out of bed to answer it. She’d put the phone in the bathroom the night before because she’d read an article that Manford Cluck had posted in his status update about how keeping electronics out of the bedroom was the sure fire way to improve one’s sleep.

Ludine didn’t know why Manford Cluck would be posting an article about improving one’s sleep, Manford never had a problem sleeping that Ludine was aware of; it was staying awake that Manford needed help with. Mona, his wife, swore that Manford had been in a semi-conscious state their entire married life. Everybody around Marked Tree knew that to be the Gospel Truth. Manford slept through Pastor Keel’s sermons every week, even on Easter Sunday. And if he was at home, he was usually asleep in the tattered old recliner parked in front of that big screen TV that took up half the living room in their single-wide, even though the Clucks had the extra space of a tip-out. read more