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What are we to do about President Trump’s Hate Tweets?


Our president talks trash Every. Single. Damn. Day.

Never in my lifetime has a man so diminished the office of president in such a short time.

Give him a chance, my conservative friends cry.

How many chances does this man need to act like a decent and kind human being?

The Scriptures tell us that you will know a man’s heart by the words that come spewing forth from his mouth. By now you should figure out that my heart is troubled, deeply, deeply troubled. read more

Contemplating Mass Murders


I circled the wagons in my classroom in the aftermath of the mass shootings.  I put on some Eliza Doolittle tunes and greeted the students with the admonition to not talk among themselves about the writing prompt, rather to write down everything they were thinking. There would be time for discussing it later.

Today’s student isn’t used to the art of being contemplative. Our educational model isn’t even set up for such activity any longer. The experts who study these things advise that we keep students hopping from one thing to the next. Some teachers even set timers in their classes to make sure that every 15 minutes students are engaged in another learning module. read more

Lambs to Lanza’s Slaughter

boy reading

“I haven’t been able to read a book aloud since.”

Jackie Barden was speaking about the shooting death of her son Daniel at Sandy Hook. Saturday marks the one year anniversary of the day Adam Lanza stormed into the elementary school and using a gun – not a knife – killed 20 students, and 6 adults.

Daniel loved to cuddle in bed and have his momma read books to him.
“To think it’s been a year since I held him, it’s no time at all,” said Nicole Hockley of her son Dylan who will be forever six-years-old in his momma’s mind. read more

The Roots of Violence

Once again we walk through our day shaking our heads in disbelief, muttering prayers for the dead, the wounded, the first-responders, and all the families.

We turn on the radio, NPR or Rush Limbaugh. We turn on the TV, FoxNews or CNN. And we listen in what could be mistaken as a meditative state but really is just the look of stupefaction.

We ask the very same questions we have asked in all the dozens and dozens and dozens of prior episodes. Who is this shooter? What is his background? Were the guns purchased legally? How did he gain access? Who are his friends? Who is his parents? What did they know? Did he have a history of violence? Did he play violent video games? Had he ever been arrested before? Are there any other clues that could have, should have led others to stop the slaughtering of the innocent? read more