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  • An Isolating Affair

    An Isolating Affair

    We were just a couple of songs into the Shabbat service on Saturday when a congregant sobs cracked across the crowded room. Those sobs soon turned into downright wails. The rabbi paused, looked, then offered words of comfort to the rest of us. Other congregants[..]
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  • A Case for Meghan McCain

    A Case for Meghan McCain

    Under Arizona law, the task of replacing Senator John McCain falls to Governor Doug Ducey. Political pundits far and wide are speculating on who the governor might appoint. Frontrunners include Jon Kyl, the former Senator from Arizona (1995-2013). Kyl has taken the lead on the[..]
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  • Kids These Days

    Kids These Days

    [caption id="attachment_3926" align="aligncenter" width="960"] Students marching in Bend, Oregonphoto credit Bill Dahl[/caption] When I hear people bemoan the youth of today, how lazy and insolent they are, how disrespectful and disruptive they are, how they don't do anything but stare at their phones all day[..]
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  • A Message for Stoneman Douglas Students

    A Message for Stoneman Douglas Students

    I told Tim last night that if the students from Parkland go to march in DC I want to be there with them. When my father died in Vietnam I was only nine, which was old actually. I have friends who are visiting Vietnam this[..]
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  • Let Us Pray… Again

    Let Us Pray… Again

    The following is a prayer that Roger Fuchs wrote to use in a prayer service he conducts weekly. It is, I think, the most fitting prayer of all in response to yet another mass shooting: Let us pray: Dear God of creation, compassion and redemption,[..]
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  • America is not Great

    America is not Great

    America is not great. America is not even good. America is a country where children are being gunned down in their schools, in their homes, in their churches. America is not great. America is not even good. America is a country where white men with[..]
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  • What are we to do about President Trump’s Hate Tweets?

    What are we to do about President Trump’s Hate Tweets?

    Our president talks trash Every. Single. Damn. Day. Never in my lifetime has a man so diminished the office of president in such a short time. Give him a chance, my conservative friends cry. How many chances does this man need to act like a[..]
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  • Contemplating Mass Murders

    Contemplating Mass Murders

      I circled the wagons in my classroom in the aftermath of the mass shootings.  I put on some Eliza Doolittle tunes and greeted the students with the admonition to not talk among themselves about the writing prompt, rather to write down everything they were[..]
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  • Lambs to Lanza’s Slaughter

    Lambs to Lanza’s Slaughter

    “I haven’t been able to read a book aloud since.” Jackie Barden was speaking about the shooting death of her son Daniel at Sandy Hook. Saturday marks the one year anniversary of the day Adam Lanza stormed into the elementary school and using a gun[..]
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