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  • Senator Burr, I Wish I’d Known, But I Didn’t Have the Money

    Senator Burr, I Wish I’d Known, But I Didn’t Have the Money

    Editor's Note: North Carolina author Wiley Cash wrote the following opinion essay hoping it would be picked up by a North Carolina newspaper. It wasn't. So I asked if I could post it here since I have a lot of friends who live in the[..]
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  • All My Favorite People

    All My Favorite People

    Some of my friends quit church long ago, disappointed and/or hurt by a hierarchy of patriarchy, a system designed specifically to suppress the voices of all but the men in power. Just this past week I heard a woman with a doctorate declare that the[..]
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  • Murder & the DNA Dilemma

    Murder & the DNA Dilemma

    [caption id="attachment_4329" align="aligncenter" width="640"] Dahlia, Cutting garden[/caption] In 2012, Amyjane Brandhagen was found murdered in an Oregon motel room. She had been brutally stabbed to death. Amyjane was no stranger to our family. We had attended church with her family, had participated in Bible Studies[..]
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  • In Memory of Ellen & the Adventures

    In Memory of Ellen & the Adventures

    There's a stack of papers on my desk needing my attention while I type this out - the edits on the next novel, Christian Bend (note name change, formerly Rain). When you read the book the name change will become apparent. Twenty years ago this[..]
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  • Distress Call at Spivey’s

    Distress Call at Spivey’s

      Lord, I am busier than a one-armed fiddler in a snake pit. What has me so busy? Besides preparing vocabulary exams and reading essays from 140 students, you mean? I'm cranking up for book tour for BURDY. It kicks off this weekend. Saturday at  11[..]
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  • Saving Chickens: Part One 2009

    Saving Chickens: Part One 2009

    Editor's Note: The following is a true account of a true life event in which I saved a chicken in Pinehurst, North Carolina while working as an editorial writer at the FayObserver.com. Stay tuned for the next adventure in Saving Chickens.  I saved a chicken[..]
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  • Life in the Bubble

    Life in the Bubble

    I was driving over the pass today, headed from one state to the next, from one grandson to the next, from one daughter to the next, doing that thing women have done ever since we could stand on our own two feet - helping. It[..]
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  • To expose or not to expose

    To expose or not to expose

    Those of you over 50 likely remember the Coppertone ad from our youth:   During its heyday, this ad was considered cute. Sweet. Humorous. But we were a different society then. Nobody owned personal computers. Social Media wasn't a phrase. Facebook's founder hadn't even been[..]
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  • Go to Hell

    Go to Hell

    Last week Hugh Hollowell (LOVEWINS) was on stage with Shane Claiborne and Johnathan Wilson-Hartgrove at Big Tent Christianity. Hugh is The Marine in Will Jesus Buy Me a Double-Wide? The following is the talk Hugh gave and now you know why I adore me some Hugh[..]
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