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Steve Bannon: Battering a Nation


Give me a roll of duct tape and five minutes alone in a room with Steve Bannon and I swear to the Barefoot Messiah he will come away with a profoundly new respect for journalists and devotees of the First Amendment.

Okay, well it might take me 10 minutes, but no more than that.

Perhaps you’ve been living in the Stoned Age since Jan. 20th and are totally clueless about who Steve Bannon is or why it is he needs a lesson in the First Amendment. Bannon, a known promoter of white nationalism, is chief strategist for El Trumpo. He’s a graduate of Virginia Tech, where he apparently took classes in the art of pissing people off, and Harvard, where he apparently slept through all his classes. He is a gruff man who can’t keep a wife or a girlfriend.  His several marriages failed, completely understandable since Bannon is a proud bully who likes to fancy himself a Renaissance man, but only in that Machiavellian sort of way. read more

Truth Isn’t Always Self-Evident


This is an exercise in reasoning.

It might be a little hard to grasp at first but bear with me. It may seem improbable, but it is possible for one’s pea-picking brain to hold two truths in one’s head at one time. For instance, “It is snowing in Oregon tonight.” And, “Georgia peaches are the best. Wish I had me some.” The one thought is independent of the other. But thinking about peaches doesn’t mean that I can’t also recognize that it is snowing outside.  

In the same fashion, we can say, “Hillary Clinton lost the 2016 Election, in part, because millions of voters weren’t motivated to vote at all. They were loathe to elect her.” 

And: “American Intelligence officials have confirmed that they have proof that Russia interfered with the Election of 2016 and that they had a clear favorite -Donald Trump. Senators from both sides of the aisles are alarmed by these findings.”

  See how that works?  

It can be true that Hillary Clinton lost because people weren’t motivated enough to get out and vote for her. read more

Deliver Us From Evil


It is Good Friday.

A term that has always seemed like an oxymoron to me. I mean, if you are going to be nailed to a cross, for any reason whatsoever, that does not seem like a particularly good day for anybody.

Oh, I know, I know.

Sunday is a’coming.


There is a pretty dark Friday to endure in the meantime.

I know most of the Christian world is focused on celebrating the coming Resurrection. Or is it the past Resurrection? Perhaps both?

Me? I can’t quit thinking about those Kenyan students gunned down in classrooms by a militant group yesterday. One minute you are in your dorm worrying about your biology lab or that upcoming statistics exam and the next minute gunmen are shouting at you to repeat a Muslim prayer. read more

What Darkness Fears

On the streets of Paris.

On the streets of Paris.

It was not for love of fashion or the macaroons that I went to Paris. What drew me to France was the art of remembering and honoring. What drew me to France was the writing of Burdy, trying to piece together her story. A character that is fictional to all except those of us who know her.


So I set out from the get-go visiting the great cathedrals and the ones lesser known. I lit candles and said prayers for those in need of them in every House of God we visited. Dozens and dozens of them. Burdy’s  story, I knew, would take me to the shores of Normandy, from Arromanches down to St. Mere Eglise. read more

All God’s Creatures: Ferguson

Swede & Owlet 3

I listened to President Obama’s remarks in the wake of the Ferguson Grand Jury decision as I drove home from Richland, Washington last night. I prefer the radio as my news source because it takes the hype out of the kind of reporting TV shows cater to. Too many media outlets today mix opinion with facts and that is not reporting. A listener or reader has to be discerning to delineate fact from opinion in today’s media circus.

I’d watched the news earlier while sitting with a sweet friend on the 4th floor of the Medical Center. We’d tied the dog Lilly to a nearby table leg and held take-out salads on our laps as we ate and watched the reports about the forthcoming Grand Jury decision. Former NYC Mayor Rudy Giuliani was on the air, talking about how the biggest threat to black men were black men, not white cops. read more