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Gold Star Families: Making a President Look More Presidential


There are these documents most every Gold Star family has stashed somewhere. The signatures on those documents change from era to era, but the White House seal, it stays the same. The ones I have are over 50 years old now. They belonged to my mother but she passed them on to me – the document keeper of the family.

There’s the Regret-to-Inform telegram confirming that Staff Sgt. David P. Spears was KIA on July 24, 1966.

There’s the Letter of Sympathy sent from the United States president. read more

Spying: Who gives a bong?


You might worry, too, if your last name was Zacharias.

Did you see the report that the National Security Agency and FBI have breached the privacy of US citizens?

Not surprisingly there isn’t a Jones, Brown, Greene, or Smith in the bunch.

But there is a Gill.

Somebody better warn Vince.

This particular Gill was under surveillance by the US government while he was a Republican candidate for the Virginia House of Delegates.

For the 40 and under readers, there was a time in US history when spying on its own citizens was illegal.  Such activity cost one president his presidency. read more

A Letter to the President

Dear President Obama:

Hope this finds you well. I am sorry I haven’t made the time to write. It’s been a hectic year, what the demon dog nearly taking off the end of my nose and with the release of my latest book — Will Jesus Buy Me a Double-Wide?

It’s not exactly up to snuff with Franzen’s work but I think you’d find it entertaining. It might even give you some perspective on the state of the nation right now, which FoxNews keeps saying you need.  

That’s really what I want to speak to you about — the state of things. While I’m not a trained economist, I have made it my business to study our nation’s economic growth over the past few years, especially since that yellow-bellied low-life egg-sucking dawg of a man Bernie Madoff ripped off all those good-hearted people. (By the way, you might want to send some of your folks down to North and South Carolina and look into the affairs of David Cerullo. I think he’s ripped off the taxpayers in both those states in a similar fashion as Mr. Madoff, that egg-sucking dawg.) read more