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  • Dispatch #4: Submit Your Uterus

    Dispatch #4: Submit Your Uterus

    I have a friend who grew up in a Muslim country. He is Christian married to a Mormon. We have had long discussions over the years about how he is able to move without conflict between so many different faith traditions. Queen Isabella, like the[..]
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  • My Nomadic Mama

    My Nomadic Mama

    [caption id="attachment_2214" align="aligncenter" width="584"] In Hawaii with Mama in her Jackie O days.[/caption]   Her bible is sitting on my desk. One of many my mother studied. There's a pair of black-handled scissors laying across it, and a postcard for one of my books. The[..]
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  • The Other Mother

    The Other Mother

      I don't write about her much. My own family has always been fair game. When you grow a writer in the family there are no more family secrets. Everything and everyone is a story-in-the-making. But my in-laws didn't raise a writer. So they didn't[..]
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