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Gold Star Families: Making a President Look More Presidential


There are these documents most every Gold Star family has stashed somewhere. The signatures on those documents change from era to era, but the White House seal, it stays the same. The ones I have are over 50 years old now. They belonged to my mother but she passed them on to me – the document keeper of the family.

There’s the Regret-to-Inform telegram confirming that Staff Sgt. David P. Spears was KIA on July 24, 1966.

There’s the Letter of Sympathy sent from the United States president. read more

A Ministry Born of Pain

It’s Miz Shelby here again. I’m guest posting today from Guatemala City, where I’m on a trip with World Vision. Come back all week for more updates from this adventure in Guatemala.

I called him. I’d been meaning to do that all weekend. It was late. Almost too late to call, but he answered. We chatted, and he prayed for me. Over the phone waves, he prayed for my safety. That my worldview would be increased.

All I know of Grandpa is the preacher and the log truck driver. I remember Sundays spent in the pew listening to him speak. Willing him to end at a decent hour so we could go back to the house and eat the lunch I knew Grandma prepared. But there is a whole lifetime of stories that I’ve only scratched the surface of. You may remember Mama wrote about the Missionary in “Will Jesus Buy Me a Doublewide?” read more

How do you build community?

It’s Miz Shelby here again. Today’s the day I head out on the adventure with World Vision, and I am looking forward to bringing you all along.

Last night, after an 80+ degree late summer day, which I spent mainly indoors packing, I decided to go to the new food cart lot for dinner. As soon as I arrived, I ran into my neighbors, the ones whose house I watched for a month this summer. I remember a time when I could go anywhere I wanted in this mountain town and not run into a single person I knew. This week marked my fifth year living here. The longest I’ve lived anywhere as an adult. read more

The Lump in God’s Throat

He leaned over to Kim and said, “Can you believe he’s 53?”

It was a remark aimed at the youthfulness of my husband.

“Yeah,” I said. “We’ve got that whole George and Barbara Bush thing going on. People ask if he’s my son.”


Tim loves it when people comment on how young looking he is.

Well, he may look like he doesn’t belong in this 50 crowd, but the really poetic moment came when we discovered that we had all attended the same church together waaaayyyybaaaccckkkwheeeeennnn. read more