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A Few of My Favorites: BOOK GIVEAWAY!!!

Border child

The first thing I usually do after preparing a manuscript for publication is to read new work.

That’s right.

I start reading all the books I didn’t have time to read prior. Currently, I’m reading MY NAME IS LUCY BARTON. The book got great reviews but I’m undecided on it. But like I said, I’m only halfway through the book so I’ll keep at it.

I’ve also got a pile of books that some of you have recommended that I can’t wait to get around to reading. I’ll let you know when I do. Meanwhile, two friends have launched new books in the past weeks and I am giving away free copies!!!! That’s right – FREE!!!

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On the Altar of War


Mr. & Ms. Politician:

I heard you on the radio the other day. Public Broadcast, my favorite station. I listen to it every morning. Lately, though, I’ve taken to turning it off. Or not even turning it on. I don’t like starting my day angry and all this news leading into the next presidential election, well, it just makes me so mad I could spit red lava.

I don’t belong to any one party. There’s no point in it anymore. Not since Congress ruled that Corporations are people, too. You are all crooks. Lying. Cheating. Thieving. Carpet Bagging. Bunch.

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Forgiveness: The Path to a Better World

Editor’s Note: The following prayer was given to me by a World War II POW I had the honor of interviewing many years ago. He spent two years in the German POW camps. Of the 27,000 Americans taken prisoner by the Japanese, a shocking 40 percent died in captivity, according to the U.S. Congressional Research Service. That compares with just one percent of American prisoners who died in German POW camps.

A Prisoner’s Prayer

O God, My Creator and Protector, I know that thou art with me and so I adore thee, body and soul with complete submission to thy will. Thou hast save me from death which has overtaken many of my companions, and has permitted me to be taken as a prisoner of war, I will bear patiently and hopefully for the love of Thee, with all difficulties of my state. Bless me and my companions here, grant us to live in peace comforting and consoling one another with fraternal love and charity. Bless my country and my Comrades-in-Arms, give me peace and protect me from melancholy and despair and above all keep me from offending Thee. My God I thank thee for all thy blessings and I will try to serve Thee as St. Paul has told us “rejoicing in hope, patient in tribulation and instant in prayer.” Amen. 

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Pray for Peace


Pray for Peace.


I spoke with a soldier friend of mine today. He’s an active-duty soldier who has served several tours of duty in Iraq. He is also somebody who grew up in war-torn Sudan. He remembers when he was a child how his homeland was torn-apart by the internal conflict of extreme militants who used religion as a vehicle for evil. He lost many friends when the rebel forces moved into Southern Sudan and began systematically killing Christians.

We have spoken many times about war and its causes and its costs. Something we both know about intimately.  My friend is getting ready to deploy again. He leaves behind a wife and four children.

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Lone Survivor: Thoughts from a Gold Star Daughter

Do you know what the right thing is? No disrespect but you don’t have any idea what the right thing is. How do you weigh human life? It’s war. There is no right or wrong answer in combat. Those people who aren’t out there carrying the rifle have no business dictating what in the hell we are doing. If you want to make those command decisions then grab a rifle and come help us. Otherwise, enjoy the freedoms the American military provides for you.

– Marcus Luttrell, Lone Survivor, with

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