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  • Eugenics Revamped

    Eugenics Revamped

    I was not born in the United States. I am, in fact, the only family member who was not born in Hawkins County, Tennessee. My mother, my father, my sister, my brother - all born there. As far as I know all my aunts and[..]
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  • Disgraced


      Yes, I do have thoughts about Trump's betrayal of this nation at Helsinki. Hop on over to Military.com and read the collaborative work I did with other Gold Star family members and Vietnam veterans in response to Trump aligning himself with Putin over his[..]
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  • Pimping out the Military

    Pimping out the Military

    As if the NFL wasn't knee-deep in dookey already. Now comes a report that they charged the military millions to "pay tribute" to the troops. According to Military.com, this has been a common practice: The Guard paid NFL teams $5.6 million in 2013 and 2014.[..]
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