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Pitch in $10


If you have been reading the news out of #ALEPPO and feeling despair over the state of the world and the slaughter of those sweet people, please jump over to Preemptive Love. I’m running a fundraiser to help with the refugee crisis. The goal is a $1,000. All I am asking is that you donate $10. The price of two Starbucks. Thank you, friends, for your caring hearts.


I don’t know how to navigate this life where Americans are bitter foes with each other but the madman at the helm of the Kremlin is our friend. As I watch the slaughter at Aleppo I feel despair for our world. We can’t preach a Gospel message of No Room at the Inn and then be the people who turn away refugees who want what we cherish – freedoms. Please join me in this effort to overcome evil with good. If my stories have ever encouraged you or made you think, please give $10. If you’ve ever laughed out loud or shed a tear after reading something from my heart, give $10. If you ever wanted to slap me upside the head after reading something I’ve written, please give $10. If you ever wanted to meet me for coffee to talk about something I’ve written, please give $10. We failed our friends in Aleppo. Let’s do something good while we have the chance. Merry Christmas. May we always be a welcoming people. read more

Why I’m okay with that Klan Rally

AP Photo

AP Photo

For the record, I do have an uncle named James Spears. He died a few years ago. So as far as I know I am of no relation to the James Spears, the Great Titan of the Loyal White Knights of the Klu Klux Klan, the group who is sponsoring an upcoming rally in support of the Confederate Flag flying over South Carolina.

Spears is all over the headlines for announcing the plans for the rally to be held next month at the South Carolina Statehouse. According to the Washington Post, the request for the rally was made one day after S.C. Gov. Nikki Haley announced that she would call on state lawmakers to remove the flag following the racists act that led to the slaying of nine people at a historic church in Charleston. read more

Karly’s Killer Dead

Shawn Wesley Field is dead.

He passed away at Eastern Oregon Correctional Institute in Pendleton, Oregon.

Shawn did not die an easy death, but it was a much easier death than the one he inflicted upon three-year-old Karly Sheehan, of Corvallis, Oregon.

The jury ruled Shawn had tortured Karly prior to her death.

We will never know why Shawn Field killed Karly. He had a daughter of  his own. C. Field may have been the only person Shawn ever loved more than himself. She paid him a visit in prison this week, to celebrate his birthday. His parents, Hugh and Ann Field, haven’t visited their son in years. read more

God is Good, God is Great


I learned a lot of prayers in childhood but one specific prayer has been lingering with me lately. It’s a prayer you might have learned in childhood, too. Remember this one?

God is good

God is great

Now let us thank Him

When I learned that prayer as a young child, I learned it primarily as a blessing before a meal. I even taught that prayer to my own children as a prayer before mealtime. But this morning while praying for a multitude of worrisome things and people I love and people I don’t even know, it came to me, this prayer from my childhood. read more