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Crossville. 2011 106It’s the time now when I have finished one book and about to get started on another. It’s time for resetting. A time where I prepare for book tour. This last book in the Appalachian series will include a talk/presentation for ancestry buffs, so I’m working on that.

But it also the time I set aside for reading, replenishing, thinking, filling myself up.

I get out of the house more. I’ll be meeting with Sarah TheBarge in Portland next week for a girlfriend get-together. I am very excited about her upcoming book WELL, about her work in Togo. I’ll let you know when it’s out. read more

Book Giveaway #3: Annie Laura’s Triumph


One of the great joys of being a writer is getting to read the work of other writers before it goes to print. I did that recently with a novel by Milinda Jay of Panama City, Florida. I have known Milinda for several years now and adore her. She is such a bright spirit and always, always manages to find the good in everything. Even the very hard things.

I had a better sense of where Milinda gets her strength while reading ANNIE LAURA’s TRIUMPH. It’s a historical fiction based on a very terrible event in the life of one Milinda’s kinfolks (but I’ll let her tell you all about that). read more

Stories Behind the Story


There was that moment, (you knew there would be one, didn’t you?), when Kimberly Faith Hickman, the insightful and masterful director of MOTHER OF RAIN, took me by the hand after the show and said, “You have to hear this story.”

This was on Saturday, following the Talk Back session, a time when audience members were given opportunity to ask questions of the actors, the director, or Paul Pierce, who adapted the novel for the stage, or of me. I’d never really had a sit-down with the actors or with the director, so I had no idea that sometime during rehearsals that Hickman had shared with the actors the story of Andrea Yates, the Texas mother who drowned her five children. read more

Distress Call at Spivey’s


Lord, I am busier than a one-armed fiddler in a snake pit.

What has me so busy? Besides preparing vocabulary exams and reading essays from 140 students, you mean?

I’m cranking up for book tour for BURDY. It kicks off this weekend. Saturday at  11 a.m. at the Gilbert Theater in Fayetteville, N.C.

Following that, I’ll be at the Triangle Reads in Raleigh, N.C. You can purchase tickets and come hear me and a bunch of other writers read/talk about our works on Sunday afternoon. read more

Intentional Acts of Kindness

praying woman

My girlfriend and I were talking about things, you know the way you do when you get together with a friend you haven’t visited with for awhile. We were catching up on all the family and friends goings on.

Our family had a new baby this week. The one I wrote about here.  She arrived a few days early. Kind of a poetic thing, really. Kensington was born on June 23. Mama’s birthday was January 23.  Everybody is happy and healthy. read more