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Earl’s Stupid Human Tricks


Sitting in the courtroom, listening to Earl’s momma lie through her pearly white teeth, Morgan wished upon her momma’s grave that she had not thrown out that book. She wished she’d read it cover-to-cover. Wished for all things fried in deep fat that she had read it like her momma urged her to do, but when it arrived at her house that hot June day (by an Amazon drone for pity’s sake) Morgan had cut away the cardboard wrapper, took one look at the title and tossed it immediately into the recycle bin out back before Earl come home and found it. read more

The Vows We Break

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The last time the West Coast contingent of the Spears family came together was for Mama’s funeral. This past weekend we came from up (Los Angeles) and down  (Seattle) the West Coast for my nephew Robert’s wedding.

West Coast Spears Clan

West Coast Spears Clan

Robert is the youngest of Brother John’s boys.

Grandma Shelby loved all her grandchildren but she was fiercely protective of Robert, who, as his best man stated, posesses “a childlike faith in God.”

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You know how every person in every family has backstory, and those stories often tell things about our personalities? The story everyone tells on Robert is the one about when he put some homeless people up in a hotel room and they took advantage of him. It’s a story that reveals a lot about Robert, about how good and kind-hearted he is, about how he loves people with abandon, wholly and completely. In our family, when we talk about who is the best of us all, Robert leads the list. Grandma Shebly wasn’t the only one fiercly protective of Robert. We all feel that way about him. You feel that way about anything valuable, any treasure. Robert is our family’s treasure. read more

Waiting on Lenore


This is the type of double-oven stove we once owned.

Why is it people wait until their kids are grown to buy new appliances?

Oh, I know, because we were all buying groceries for all those kids. That was half our yearly income.

We’ve been married 36 years and we have finally upgraded all our kitchen appliances. It has taken us six months to do that. This is the first time we have had a refrigerator with an ice maker in the door. We are as giddy as first-graders with new backpacks. Tim, the tea drinker, is especially happy over it. I’m a little disappointed that there is no longer any way to hide in the ice cubes those plastic roaches my Georgia girlfriend sends me. But I have to admit, it’s sweet not having to fill the ice trays in the summer. read more

Love Gone Wrong

Congratulation to Beth Wilkes of Alabama & Dorcie Tracy of Oregon. They are the winners of Leigh Anne’s book. Thanks to all who entered. 

The wedding was perfect in every way. Lovely flowers. Lovely dress. Lovely bride.


Their church family was there. The cousins came, too. It was a big-to-do. This wedding. This love of theirs. Jennifer’s mama and daddy couldn’t have been more proud, more happy. It is the dream of parents  who have had good marriages and even those who have had not so good marriages. That their children will grow up and find lasting love, a companion, somebody to share in the joys and the trials. read more

Finding our best selves

This short film is worth your half-hour.

It’s a story of creativity and imagination.

A story of hope and devotion.

A story that transports.

A story that reminds us that we find our best selves when we love others.

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