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People and their rice paddies

If Kim Jong Un decides to out-bully Trump this may very well prove to be my very last blog post. For all you people wondering what the Bay of Pigs moment was like, this is it. This temper-tantrum meltdown between two completely erratic and insane abusers.

I hold Trump in utter contempt.

You may have noticed.

I’m pretty sure even God is fed up with Trump, despite what Stupid Head Robert Jeffress says about him.

Normally, I’d be so far inland, I wouldn’t worry too much about a pissing match between Trump and his half-brother Kim. But right now I’m out here on the Olympic Peninsula. I’ll be here for the week. Maybe that will give Mattis and Kelly long enough to get Trump his lithium. If not, well, I’m going to run toward the light. Surviving a nuclear attack has never really appealed to me. read more

After the Flag has been Folded: Excerpt II

Mama. Me. Daddy

Daddy’s last instruction to me was to stop crying because it upset Mama. I tried as best I could to do as Daddy had asked. But what he didn’t know then is that Vietnam would upset a lot of people. I learned at an early age to handle the burning things of life with mitts of silence. So for many years I didn’t talk about losing Daddy, about death, or Vietnam. I especially didn’t talk about such things with Mama. Yet, neither one of us could escape Vietnam’s far-reaching shadow. It was featured prominently in the nightly newscasts and in the daily papers. Political debates reached a feverish pitch once Fort Benning was selected as the site of the court-martial of Lieutenant William “Rusty” Calley Jr. for his role in the My Lai massacre. read more

As Afghans lay sleeping

It’s not quite My Lai but it is a nightmare nonetheless. An American soldier, reportedly suffering  a mental breakdown, has killed Afghan civilians as they lay sleeping.

When Lt. Calley and his men lined up a village of women and children and executed them at point-blank range, nobody claimed the Great Satan was involved. The Vietnamese understood Lt. Calley to be a basket case. Not that they dismissed what he did. No. That happened when he and the others involved were tried in  a military court at Ft. Benning, Georgia — the military base in my hometown. read more