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Editor’s Note: This is the fourth installment in a series of interviews I’m conducting with people across the country. This is an effort to get to know the stories of the people whose status updates I see on Facebook.  It is the discovery of how people came to form their political beliefs, what worries they might have and what gives them hope. These are #PeopleoftheResistance. If you have a story to share, shoot me a note



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Atlanta, Georgia – Jennie Miller Helderman came from a broken home. “My mother went to Auburn and my father went to Alabama,” she explained. “In the football culture of the South that amounts to a broken home.”

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What’s Left of Right?

Karen’s Note: The following is a post from a veteran-turned-pastor friend. Many of you regular readers are already familiar with Roger.  Please feel free to share your thoughts with him. I know he’d like to engage with you on these matters. Roger lives and serves in Portland.


On the Good News of Jesus from Matthew 5:21-37, Deut. 30:15-20,  Psalm 119:1-8,  1 Cor. 3:1-9

–by Pastor Roger Fuchs


Author’s note:  The terms “left” and “right” in this piece should not be taken as synonyms for liberal and conservative terms of politics.  Understand them as they are developed in the text.  As we are biased to right-handedness, so we are biased to believe in the rightness of our own ideas, sometimes to great harm.  My friend Karen has a term for this, the religion of “certainosity”.  There is a bit of it about these days… 

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On Golden Pond


Boats were out early on the big water. Bleary-eyed fisherman casting hopeful lines into the silver depths of the Columbia.

“That’s where my Swede would be,” my girlfriend said as I made a right-hand turn onto the bridge connecting Oregon to Washington. She blew a kiss at the shimmering silence that hangs between what was once and what is now.

“I had a perfect life,” she said. “I was so spoiled. If you had told me I would be spending the rest of my life alone, I would never have believed you.”

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A Most Fortunate Daughter



I am a white, blonde-haired, blue-eyed, straight woman who for many years has identified as an Evangelical (in the strictest dictionary sense of that word, not the political one) for decades now.

In other words, I’m a most fortunate daughter.

There are certain assumptions made about me based on those things alone that puts me in good standing most everywhere I go. People assume I respect cops. I do. I honor the laws of the land. Except for traffic laws, pretty accurate.  People assume that I work hard. There is evidence of that in my life. People assume that I’m not a drug user, that I don’t have a secret YouTube station under a porn name, that I am not participating in any illegal activities of any nature, and that I would make a good neighbor because I wouldn’t fly a Confederate flag or put an old couch on my lawn or sell marijuana from my home.

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Jesus is Not an American

Sarah Palin Meets With Donald Trump In New York During Her Bus Tour


I’ve been doing some reading about the effects of unforgiveness on the physical body. It has to do with that next novel I’m writing. But while going through reams of scientific research, I got to thinking about this election year.

I was going to write a post about how many of us – me included – need to forgive Donald Trump for being an ass. Not because he’s asking for forgiveness, mind you. Trump has gone on the record saying he never asks for forgiveness because he never does anything he needs forgiving for. (Which begs the question of how Liberty University can continue to throw their collective ignorant weight behind a candidate who outright rejects the teachings of Christ).

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