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  • Pioneers Rising Up: Fosbury & Strahorn Book Giveaways

    Pioneers Rising Up: Fosbury & Strahorn Book Giveaways

    Two of my favorite people have published books this week. Jane Kirkpatrick's latest novel, Everything She Didn't Say, is an exploration of the life of real life pioneer Carrie Strahorn, who penned her own memoir in 1911, titled Fifteen Thousand Miles by Stage.  I'm thinking[..]
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  • Good Days and Better Days

    Good Days and Better Days

    [caption id="attachment_3881" align="aligncenter" width="768"] View from outside my window at the Portland hotel.[/caption] It snowed this morning. The blowing, blinding kind of snow. It might have been a blizzard if it hadn't stopped, but it did. By noon the sun was breaking through blue sky.[..]
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  • Turning the Page

    Turning the Page

    When we first moved to Hermiston, Oregon,  the neighborhood didn't have any mature trees or shrubs, pheasants and quails nested in the field behind the house. There were several empty lots waiting for owners to pick out house plans. The stop sign in front of[..]
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