Infertility Posts

Ludine’s Sleeping Problem


Ludine Mawbry could hear her phone buzzing in the bathroom but she was not about to get out of bed to answer it. She’d put the phone in the bathroom the night before because she’d read an article that Manford Cluck had posted in his status update about how keeping electronics out of the bedroom was the sure fire way to improve one’s sleep.

Ludine didn’t know why Manford Cluck would be posting an article about improving one’s sleep, Manford never had a problem sleeping that Ludine was aware of; it was staying awake that Manford needed help with. Mona, his wife, swore that Manford had been in a semi-conscious state their entire married life. Everybody around Marked Tree knew that to be the Gospel Truth. Manford slept through Pastor Keel’s sermons every week, even on Easter Sunday. And if he was at home, he was usually asleep in the tattered old recliner parked in front of that big screen TV that took up half the living room in their single-wide, even though the Clucks had the extra space of a tip-out. read more

Within Every Man is an Abraham


Sadie clicked the remote off. She could not abide one more racist rant out of Donald Trump’s mouth. She emptied the bottle of red wine into her glass. Had she really drunk the entire bottle alone? She seemed to be doing that a lot lately. Picking up a pen, Sadie wrote a yellow sticky note to herself: Stay Sober. She laughed as she pressed the note to the frig door.

Sadie had bouts where she stayed sober, but those intervals were growing further and further apart, especially since she took on the job as Dean of Discipline at Lowcounty High. It wasn’t the job she wanted, but it was the best she could get given she had waited until mid-June to begin looking, and only then because Brice really up and left her like he had been swearing for years he’d do. read more

On the Week You Were Born

mt hoodOn the week you were born, the sun shone bright in the town where I live,

but an inversion of cotton-white clouds filled the basin of the Columbia.

Looking in my rear view mirror as I drove south on Highway 97,

through Rufus, Moro, Grass Valley, Shaniko (ghost-town settled)

I could see the snow-capped mountains – Adams, Rainier – but I could not see the big ditch river.

On the week you were born, I drove around a corner of drab stubble fields read more

Book Giveaway: The Grand Paradox


I’m in Bend, Oregon for an extended period of time, playing granny-in-waiting. Little Sawyer is due any day now and so I’m here, praying for a safe delivery, healthy baby and mama, and yes, getting my grad school work done online.

Not since Jesus has a baby been more anticipated than Sawyer. Five years in the waiting. My daughter who wept buckets over the frustration of not getting pregnant has been praying feverishly that her water would break. She is over this stage of pregnancy. She wants to hold her infant son in her arms. I am not sure this week would have ever happened had it not been for all of your prayers. You all have been so good to lift this family up in prayer and to tell us your own stories of heartache and longing, as a word to encourage. Thank you for that. Thank you for the prayers you utter now, even as you wait with us. read more

Glistening Eyes of the Season

Konnie. Shower

“And when we heard that baby cry, there was such joy in that delivery room. Everyone was crying. He was the most prayed for baby.”

The woman sitting in the wing-back chair was leaning forward and telling me that story of her grandson’s birth.

Her son, the father of the prayed for baby,  had waited a very long time to become a dad. It had not been an easy journey. His mother recounted the number of years her son had longed for a child. There were times when it seemed he would never get that chance. He and his wife had one failed attempt after another. read more