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Me and Baby Jane

Betty Jane

I keep running into people around town who want to know where I’ve been. They are, of course, assuming that I’ve been somewhere adventuresome. Folks around these parts are used to me jaunting off to faraway places, I guess. It is true that I have been lost in the woods of Michigan and Wisconsin as of late. But I’ve done all that mostly without leaving the house.

Yep. That’s right.  I’m working on a new writing project. One that I’ve been researching for the past three or more years. It’s an odd thing, researching parts of the country that I am pretty unfamiliar with.  Thank goodness the National Park service provides those interactive maps. I can sit in my home in Oregon and pretend I’m picking out a campsite in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. read more

When Law Enforcement Gets it Right

Can  we sit still for a moment

and give thanks?

Just be still

And consider

All the ways in which

Law Enforcement

from California



Worked together

Toward one common goal?

Can we sit for a moment

and give thanks

For the ways in which

the FBI put themselves at risk

To save one child

A girl child.

Can we breath in life

and exhale gratitude

for the many ways in which

this rescue could have gone

ohsowrong? read more