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White People’s stories

When the white people tell the stories of black folk, they tell it from their point of view, in the same way victors tell the stories of war.

When victors tell the stories of war, they tell stories of bravery and brotherhood; stories of courage and sacrifices made. Victors always leave out the stories of unfathomable cruelty. Or if they tell it, they do so with a nod that says, “War, you know. These things happen.” read more


Editor’s Note: This is the fourth installment in a series of interviews I’m conducting with people across the country. This is an effort to get to know the stories of the people whose status updates I see on Facebook.  It is the discovery of how people came to form their political beliefs, what worries they might have and what gives them hope. These are #PeopleoftheResistance. If you have a story to share, shoot me a note read more

Book Giveaway #3: Annie Laura’s Triumph


One of the great joys of being a writer is getting to read the work of other writers before it goes to print. I did that recently with a novel by Milinda Jay of Panama City, Florida. I have known Milinda for several years now and adore her. She is such a bright spirit and always, always manages to find the good in everything. Even the very hard things.

I had a better sense of where Milinda gets her strength while reading ANNIE LAURA’s TRIUMPH. It’s a historical fiction based on a very terrible event in the life of one Milinda’s kinfolks (but I’ll let her tell you all about that). read more