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  • Whiney Granny

    Whiney Granny

    Every summer, Tim packs a backpack and heads off into his beloved Wallowa Mountains. He's been going off into the woods as long as we've been together, which today just so happens to mark 45 years of married bliss and chaos, heavy on the latter.[..]
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  • Peacock in the Desert

    Peacock in the Desert

    It was one of those God poetry moments. There we were, having just hiked some rocky butte at Eagle Crest in Central Oregon. We were winding our way down the backside of the Butte when I asked my friend, One Pan Peggy, if she had[..]
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  • Mad Women Hikers

    Mad Women Hikers

    The plan was to go on a leisurely hike, then have a late lunch in Sisters, Oregon. You know, pushing the baby in the stroller so everyone can enjoy The Boy as much as the rest of us do. That was the plan. As we[..]
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