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God’s Hot Mess

I think about obituaries more than many in my wide-circle of friends do.

This isn’t some age-oriented obsession, I’ve collected obits for years. People mail them to me from all over. So perhaps it isn’t surprising that when I learned that Reince Priebus had been fired, the first thing I thought about was how his obit would read: “Shortest serving Chief of Staff in White House history.”

Of course, Anthony Scaramucci’s obit will now read: “Shortest-serving Communications Director in White House history.” read more

Stories in My Mother’s Bible

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There are stories in my mother’s bible. The bible I have. She had several. She wrote in all of them. Of all the things she wrote, this is my favorite:

Walk straight on my son, do not turn your head, do not look back. You are going to the land of our Lord.

Mama wrote that the quote came from I heard the Owl Call My Name. 

I had never heard of that book, so I looked it up. It’s a novel from the 1960s, by the writer Maragret Craven. Perhaps you know it?

Native American mythology says if the owl calls your name, death is imminent. Young Anglican vicar Mark Brian is gravely ill, but doesn’t know it, yet. His bishop, knowing that the young vicar is unlikely to live more than a couple of years, assigns him to the most difficult parish, a group of remote Indian villages on the British Columbia coast, among a people who are also waiting for the owl’s call as their culture slowly dies. read more

Who My People Are


My people are a superstitious bunch.

We don’t walk behind rocking chairs.

We don’t iron on Sundays.

Lord, God forgive us quick if we break a mirror.

Who can afford seven years of bad luck?


My people know that if your nose is itching, company’s a’coming.

They know if there’s a ring around the full moon, somebody you love is going to die.

They know if your ears are burning, somebody’s talking about you.

They know there will be a winter snow for every fog in August. read more