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Pat: A Natural Born Mentor

Photo credit: Elizabeth DeRamus

Photo credit: Elizabeth DeRamus

Ironically enough, some of the most small-minded people I ever worked with worked in newsrooms.  I was reminded of that this weekend as I read numerous newspaper articles about the death of Pat Conroy.

My heart was heavy when I read an AP article stating, “The heavy-set author had battled other health problems in recent years, including diabetes, high blood pressure and a failing liver.”

Framing Pat’s death that way seemed like “fat-shaming”, a not-so-subtle way of suggesting that Pat’s death was the result of poor choices, not a brutish cancer. read more

Uncivil Discourse


Before I begin this discussion, let me just say, I have been guilty of this very thing.  There have been times when I have gotten all in a huff over something somebody said, some opinion they’ve expressed, some thought they had, some issue they were processing and for some reason or another, the way they said it or the way they think about that issue that upset me so I acted ugly about it.

If you have followed this blog for any length of time (I’ve been at it since 2005) you all have borne witness to my ugly-acting ways. I wish I had set a better example. I so wish I could always be loving, always be kind, always be thoughtful, but the truth is, I’m not. read more

Exploitation of Harper Lee

Harper Lee

Readers and writers the world over are abuzz with the news that Harper Lee is releasing a novel.

Doing the very thing she swore to the Barefooted Jesus she would never do.

It has been a well-known fact that Harper Lee, now 88,  has been in poor health since suffering a bad stroke. Those who know her best say that Harper Lee is deaf, blind and confined to a wheelchair.

One gushing commentator on the Huffington Post said that they never ever expected Harper Lee to publish another book.

With good reason. read more