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This last snapshot we took with our dad is blurry.

The memories of him, of the kind man he was, of what he stood for, of his integrity, of his character, of the father he was to us, the ways in which he loved us, they have not faded these fifty years later.

Those memories are sharp as ever.

Had he lived he would have returned home to us this week. “The week of your birthday,” he assured my nine-almost-ten-year-old self, although, it’s unlikely he could have known that for sure. Undoubtedly, just the promise a father makes to a daughter when the dates are near enough to not be a fib. read more

Somebody Else’s Sacrifice


Refugees fleeing Mosul

Yes, I watched the last debate. You knew I would. I get why people don’t, especially those who have voted already. And, no, watching the final debate didn’t change my vote. I doubt it changed yours, either.

If you didn’t like Hillary before, you aren’t going to like her any more now.

And if you didn’t like Trump before, you likely detest him by now.

Count me among those who have no respect for Trump. I’m not going to try and change your mind about your vote one way or another, but I do want to explain this thing that Trump does that drives me over the edge of raving mad. read more

Why Won’t Trump Shut Up?


Let’s talk for a moment, shall we?

If your newsfeed on Facebook or Twitter is anything like mine, all those precious kitten memes have been replaced by memes of Donald Trump.

As a writer and a curious person, someone who tries to understand motivations of others, I have sought out conversations one-on-one with people who are Trump supporters. For the record, I have several family members and more than a handful of friends who are voting for Trump.  I have even lost some friends over my opposition to Trump. read more

About that Onion/Click Hole Meme


Honey, I love a bit of satire as much as the next person. I’ve even been known to employ it a time or two myself. But I realized a few years back that the kind of satire I was used to enjoying – that employed by wisecracking Southerners like Flannery O’Connor, Eudora Welty, Willie Morris, Barry Hannah, Rick Bragg, Roy Blount Jr. – was a far cry different than the kind employed nowadays. read more

On the Altar of War


Mr. & Ms. Politician:

I heard you on the radio the other day. Public Broadcast, my favorite station. I listen to it every morning. Lately, though, I’ve taken to turning it off. Or not even turning it on. I don’t like starting my day angry and all this news leading into the next presidential election, well, it just makes me so mad I could spit red lava.

I don’t belong to any one party. There’s no point in it anymore. Not since Congress ruled that Corporations are people, too. You are all crooks. Lying. Cheating. Thieving. Carpet Bagging. Bunch. read more