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A Few of My Favorites: BOOK GIVEAWAY!!!

Border child

The first thing I usually do after preparing a manuscript for publication is to read new work.

That’s right.

I start reading all the books I didn’t have time to read prior. Currently, I’m reading MY NAME IS LUCY BARTON. The book got great reviews but I’m undecided on it. But like I said, I’m only halfway through the book so I’ll keep at it.

I’ve also got a pile of books that some of you have recommended that I can’t wait to get around to reading. I’ll let you know when I do. Meanwhile, two friends have launched new books in the past weeks and I am giving away free copies!!!! That’s right – FREE!!! read more

A Season for Giving: Jewelry!! Books!!

Christmas. Ashley

Wearing one of the Christmas dresses Mama made.

My mother loved Christmas. She always made a fuss over it. The last outing she took in her life was to a Christmas service with my nephew and his wife. She rose up Christmas morning and told my brother that she was dying. A nurse, Mama knew all the signs, even when it was her own dying.

She died the next day.

But before that awful season of her dying, Mama always did Christmas up big. She’d be the first to get her tree up. It was fake. When we were growing up in that trailer house, the tree was a four foot aluminum foil tree. I think of it fondly now, in the nostalgia that comes when there’s been a far distance between actually living in the trailer. I’m thankful for the experiences. I never want to repeat them. read more

BOOK GIVEAWAY #2: The Free State of Jones


Unable to read for days on end, I lay in a dark room imagining all the books yet to be read. It was awful, not being able to read. My mother, who loved to read, who read several books every week, lost the ability to read when the brain tumors showed up. She retaught herself how to write, but the reading ability never returned.

Reading sustains us.

Today’s Book Giveaway #2 is THE FREE STATE OF JONES: Mississippi’s Longest Civil War by Victoria E. Bynum. Put out by UNC Press, you can read all about the book here. read more

Fiddleheads: Giveaway


You may or may not have heard that I have a new book coming out later this year from Mercer University Press: BURDY.

It is the sequel to MOTHER OF RAIN.

You definitely will want to read MOTHER OF RAIN before reading BURDY.

There will be more news about all this later.

You may also have heard that a new store has opened up in my hometown of Columbus, Georgia.


You can like them on Facebook by clicking this link.  read more