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  • The Enemy of Faith

    The Enemy of Faith

    You quote C.S. Lewis here, she said, flipping through my latest book. Yes, I replied. I used to read him a lot. I liked his Grief Observed book. Yes. Have you read A Severe Mercy by Vanauken? Ohmygosh. I can't believe you read that book![..]
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  • Ban the Bible

    Ban the Bible

    [caption id="attachment_7025" align="aligncenter" width="940"] He who controls what you read controls what you think...of if you think at all.[/caption]   The first book I can recall Mama ever reading to us was the Bible. Brother John and I would sit at the dining room table,[..]
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  • Gabby Petito: Protecting Public Personas

    Gabby Petito: Protecting Public Personas

    The comment was short, to the point: "There is so much more to the Gabby Petito story than we know." The commentator made the remark in reference to finding out that Gabby had lived with her suspected killer's family before taking off on that cross-country[..]
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  • Wayward Girls

    Wayward Girls

      The thing I love most about writing is the thing I love most about being a reader: Being transported to another time and place, meeting new people and becoming engaged in their world. A movie might do that for an hour or two, but[..]
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  • These Lasting Moments

    These Lasting Moments

    Tim and I went on a date recently. It was apparently a date a lot of people decided to go on because when we arrived at Sparrow Bakery, the socially distanced line was long. Sparrow is a Bend tradition, sort of like Dinglewoods is for[..]
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  • The Nurse Who Mocked Covid

    The Nurse Who Mocked Covid

      Did you hear about the Oregon Oncology nurse who posted a bragging video on TikTok about how she travels as she likes,  doesn't wear a mask when she's off work and lets her kids have unfettered play dates? You can get the story here. [..]
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  • The Girl with the Voice Box and Chris

    The Girl with the Voice Box and Chris

    While I never want to return to life in the trailer park, I am thankful that I was forced into that situation at an early age. No matter how chaotic our lives became in the wake of my father's death, there were always people around[..]
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  • Let Us Pray… Again

    Let Us Pray… Again

    The following is a prayer that Roger Fuchs wrote to use in a prayer service he conducts weekly. It is, I think, the most fitting prayer of all in response to yet another mass shooting: Let us pray: Dear God of creation, compassion and redemption,[..]
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  • The Stories that Bind Us

    The Stories that Bind Us

      We are holed up here at the house on the lake awaiting Irma.  The patio furniture has been tied down. The boat tied up. The cars have been moved to an open clearing. Water has been put into zip-lock bags and bathtubs. And here[..]
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