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  • Dispatch #6: The Threat of Women

    Dispatch #6: The Threat of Women

    There was this woman on the Metro. I noticed her head scarf first. It was colorful in that way of woven fabrics common in France, oranges and greens and yellows. She had it wrapped tightly about her head and tucked away somewhere in the back.[..]
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  • Trump is not a Motherfucker, far as we know

    Trump is not a Motherfucker, far as we know

    Many right-wing evangelicals have their shorts stuffed up their craws upon learning that one new Congressional Congresswoman danced on a rooftop (while in college), fully clothed, while another Congressional Congresswoman declared in a victory speech that she, along with others, would "impeach that Motherfucker." Asked[..]
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  • Smokin’ Oprah

    Smokin’ Oprah

    Have you seen this photo of Oprah smoking? She sent it out by tweet to her gazillion followers, along with this statement: And THAT’s a Wrap! Terrance Howard and me in our goodbye “love scene”. Thanks Lee Daniels for the great experience. #theButler Most of[..]
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