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  • A Repudiation of Christ

    A Repudiation of Christ

      I once preached a Sunday morning message at a church in Lumberton, North Carolina.  The pastor had reached out to me while I was working as an editorial writer at the FayObserver in Fayetteville. He had read my book - Where's Your Jesus Now?[..]
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  • Never Too Old to Take the Plunge

    Never Too Old to Take the Plunge

      In my travels as a writer, one question I am often asked is if I grew up wanting to a be a writer. It's a reasonable question. Many, if not most, of my writer friends were writing stories as young as six or seven.[..]
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  • Dreaming of Pat Conroy

    Dreaming of Pat Conroy

      I did not want to wake. I so rarely have such beautiful dreams. This one, it was the sort from which I never wanted to wake. I was dreaming of Pat Conroy. Pat and I were meeting at a bookstore. Not just any bookstore, but[..]
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  • Where Dreams Go to Die

    Where Dreams Go to Die

    Diamond wanted to be famous. Rich, too, though if she had to choose between being rich or famous, she preferred the fame. She told anybody who would listen from sixth grade on that she was going to be a big star one day. During her[..]
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  • Dreaming Drones

    Dreaming Drones

    I suppose it was inevitable, still it caught me completely off-guard. I suffered a lot of nightmares as a child and even through my college years. Just ask my college roommates. I'm sure I've been the talk of their dinner party laughter for dozens of[..]
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  • The Letter

    The Letter

      A woman called me once, a woman I had met only one time at a reading I did in Oregon. I don't even remember her name now but she had a dream she wanted to share with me. She said Karly Sheehan appeared to[..]
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