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That One Shining Quiet Moment

Two things happened during the award presentation for the Emmys that I simply cannot ignore. The first was the appearance of Sean Spicer. While working out today, I listened as various folks discussed whether Sean Spicer’s appearance at the Emmys was a riot in a fun way or a riot in a totally offensive way. Half those asked thought that others needed to lighten up and not take themselves or Sean Spicer so seriously. They felt that Spicer’s appearance at the Emmys was totally fun and funny. The other half of the commentators – the half deemed lacking in a sense of humor – felt that Spicer’s appearance wasn’t the least bit funny. They felt he should have been booed off-stage. read more

Why I Wore Braces in my Sixties

It happens the moment I open my mouth.

That look.

It’s not quite astonishment. More a kind of wondering that borders on disbelief. It’s like the person across from me has a flashing neon sign across their foreheads that allows me to read their most private thoughts. And those thoughts are usually along the lines of “Why are YOU wearing braces?”  The “you” in that question comes embedded with the inference of ageism: Why would a woman of your age wear braces?  Phrased differently, it might be something along the lines of “Why bother now?”  read more

The Man Who Would Be President

Get prepared to welcome more flag-draped coffins home.

They will be arriving by Christmas.

More of America’s sons & daughters are going to be slain in Afghanistan.

You remember that American Sniper movie?  Be prepared for more of the same.

The man who would be president has not a clue about what sacrifice means, not in any way, shape or form. He who has never sacrificed anything will sacrifice the sons and daughters of others for his own political gain. read more

Good People Rise Up

If you read the headlines, you might come away with a warped view of the world. Michael Moore is screaming that Trump is going to get us all killed. Trump himself threatens nuclear war with North Korea almost every other day. Bannon takes all the information he gained through his no-holds barred security access and couples it with Mercer monies and then vows to destroy all of Trump’s enemies, which at last count was somewhere around 70 percent of America and all of North Korea, and most of Europe. Bannon’s got his work cut out for him. read more

This is Not Charlottesville

My friend Gordon was diagnosed with cancer before we ever met. It was a type of melanoma. It appeared first as a place on his leg. The story I heard over the years was that it was gardening season and Gordon, who always planned his schedule around gardening, couldn’t be bothered to get it treated. Until it grew to a size where he could no longer ignore it.

Gordon’s sister, Charlotte, liked to tell people that I was the woman Gordon met over the Internet. read more