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  • Where Artists Gather

    Where Artists Gather

    So this is happening Thursday. Returning to my hometown of Columbus, Georgia, where I'll join with Paul Pierce, artistic director of The Springer, & the renowned Garry Pound, artist, to talk about what inspires us and how creativity takes form. This will be my primary[..]
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  • Dreaming of Pat Conroy

    Dreaming of Pat Conroy

      I did not want to wake. I so rarely have such beautiful dreams. This one, it was the sort from which I never wanted to wake. I was dreaming of Pat Conroy. Pat and I were meeting at a bookstore. Not just any bookstore, but[..]
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  • Creating the Madness

    Creating the Madness

    Madness comes in a variety of shapes and forms. Sometimes it dresses up in Brooks Brothers suits replete with power ties.     Sometimes it appears in the form of a pelican. Some go mad in the most destructive of ways. Their madness is intent[..]
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