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Where Artists Gather

So this is happening Thursday. Returning to my hometown of Columbus, Georgia, where I’ll join with Paul Pierce, artistic director of The Springer, & the renowned Garry Pound, artist, to talk about what inspires us and how creativity takes form. This will be my primary book event in Columbus. So if you want to purchase a copy of CHRISTIAN BEND and get an autograph, come join us Thursday at Dorothy McClure Theater. This is free & open to the public. Bring friends. AP classes. This will be a freewheeling conversation with audience interaction. read more

Dreaming of Pat Conroy


I did not want to wake. I so rarely have such beautiful dreams.

This one, it was the sort from which I never wanted to wake.

I was dreaming of Pat Conroy.

Pat and I were meeting at a bookstore. Not just any bookstore, but one tucked into a multi-level pagoda nestled between two ragged-edged cliffs that dropped off into a misty abyss. What was beyond those crags, I could not say. Those cliffs rose above me and dropped off below me. As I walked, crowds of people stood to one side or the other, afraid to move for fear of accidentally walking off a ledge. read more

Creating the Madness

Madness comes in a variety of shapes and forms.

Sometimes it dresses up in Brooks Brothers suits replete with power ties.


Sometimes it appears in the form of a pelican.

Fairhope (85)

Some go mad in the most destructive of ways. Their madness is intent on destroying everything within their path. Be it God, country or family.

It’s like they can’t help themselves.

But that’s why it is madness, right? read more