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Star-crossed Lovers

Hilary Trump

Pulling her close, he whispered, “I’ve waited a long time for this.” Despite the closeness of their hips, she could not yet feel his manhood. They were going to have to wait a while longer. That pill he took earlier was not yet working.  A man of 70 sometimes requires a little help, Mogul told her shortly before tossing back a mixture of Viagra and bourbon.

“No worries,” she replied. If Evergreen was anything, she was a patient woman.

Sliding his hand up underneath her silk blouse, Mogul snapped loose her DKNY full-figure bra. She responded by pulling his head into her breasts. He moaned with delight. For the past 30 years, the only breasts he’d felt had all been fake. They were nice to look at, but they felt like play-dough hardened. read more

Insights from the Mailbag


There are other voices that don’t get the exposure that mine manages to. The voices of people who aren’t writers by trade but have such valuable things to say. They’ve written to me this week, in wake of the CNN essay & appearance. I share them with you here because their stories deserve telling and well, because it is helpful to understanding one another, these stories of ours. Burned in my memory as I read their stories is one I tell of my friend Cammie, who was just a bitty baby when her father, so handsome, so young, was slain in Vietnam. We stood in that field overlooking the Ia Drang Valley, she grasping her father’s cracked-leather wallet and his picture, as she wept bitter tears and called out to the heavens: Why? Why? What was it all for?  That was the question that ought to be asked before we voters allow Congress to send our troops to war. It should not be the question children of the fallen wrestle with throughout their lives. We owe them a better answer than: We made a mistake. These mistakes of ours are paid for in bloodshed, paid for by the lives of soldiers fallen and widows and children. read more

Why I refuse to see American Sniper

CNN. Essay

Here’s the Link to the CNN essay and appearance:

(CNN)“American Sniper” stormed the box office this past weekend with $105 million in ticket sales. Not since the Rambo movies have so many farmers and ranch hands buddy-upped to the popcorn counter. As much as I adore Bradley Cooper, I won’t be seeing the movie. I can’t see it.

And my reluctance to see it has nothing to do with Michael Moore’s flippant assertion that snipers are cowards (although he said he wasn’t talking about the movie). I was always taught that cowards are those who refuse to serve their country. read more