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Other People’s Children


She started coming around the house when she was an itty-bitty thing, knee-high to a water-bug or thereabouts. She’d come to play dollies with the girls in the “museum” room. That’s what everyone called the formal living room back in the day because nobody ever really used the room. When they grew tired of dressing dollies, she and the girls would explore the backyard, or sled the hill by her house. In other words, she’s been a part of our family nearly as long as her own family. She even calls me “Mama.” read more

Straight out of a Novel

Xmas. Jackets2

Daughter Shelby called me this morning. Or maybe I called her (who can remember these things after watching The Great British Baking Show, which, yes, I know is an oxymoron).

Today was Shelby’s last day at the law office where she has worked for the past seven years.  Family law. Not the job she thought she’d be doing when she finished up that graduate program at George Mason University. She was sure she would be working in publishing. So was I. read more