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Lock up those Climate Deniers

I received a text from my daughter around last night. “Minus the humidity, I feel like I might have an appreciation for your childhood without AC,” she wrote.

Perhaps you are unaware that Oregon has been under an extreme heat advisory?

Typically, I, a former Georgia girl, might scoff at the notion of an extreme heat advisory in Oregon as anything over 74 degrees. I’ve always felt that if Oregonians lived under the extreme conditions most Southerners do, they, too, might take to calling on the name of Jesus with more regularity. But what can you expect from a people who have grown up in a land void of cockroaches, water moccasins, brush harbor meetings replete with hellfire preachers and Holy Ghost rattlers? Not to mention, Lester Maddox, Roy Barnes and Sonny Perdue. read more

Ten Ways to Keep Your Cool


Sister Tater called yesterday. She was in a great mood ’cause it was 80 degrees at the beach. Sister Tater loves the sun. She’s got Mama’s genes, which means everyone who knew anything about the Mayes family thinks Sister Tater looks like Granny Ruth, who died back in the 60s. Granny Ruth’s mother shacked up with a local man. I am not sure if they married in the traditional way or not. Although what we now call traditional didn’t used to be traditional at all. That’s the funny thing about institutions and their claims over what is traditional. But by local I mean a Native American. read more