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  • God’s One Last Nerve

    God’s One Last Nerve

    Mama loved Charlie Rose. She'd come in from work, grab herself a bite to eat, kick off her shoes, and curl her legs up in her comfy chair. She'd pull that ashtray closer as she flipped the remote to Rose. Rose was her routine indulgence.[..]
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  • Fifty Ways to Sunday

    Fifty Ways to Sunday

    [embed]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8unDipeoFg8[/embed] I have this moment right before I awake each day, a moment when I have not yet opened my eyes but am no longer asleep. It used to be that was the moment when I would say, "Thank you, God, for a new day.A[..]
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  • Your Cheating Heart

    Your Cheating Heart

    Three intelligent, capable, lovely women. Three very tawdry men. Anthony Weiner. Donald Trump. Bill Clinton. It's like watching a Shakespearean tragedy unfold, the way the lives of these women have become so enmeshed in scandal because their husbands lack self-control. Self-control is the result of[..]
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  • Trump’s Sexual Assaults

    Trump’s Sexual Assaults

      I am going to tell you a very personal story about sexual assault. You may not want to read this. I understand. I completely and utterly understand. I wish this was not my story to tell. But it is. And it’s a hard one.[..]
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