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Exploitation of Harper Lee

Harper Lee

Readers and writers the world over are abuzz with the news that Harper Lee is releasing a novel.

Doing the very thing she swore to the Barefooted Jesus she would never do.

It has been a well-known fact that Harper Lee, now 88,  has been in poor health since suffering a bad stroke. Those who know her best say that Harper Lee is deaf, blind and confined to a wheelchair.

One gushing commentator on the Huffington Post said that they never ever expected Harper Lee to publish another book.

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If Oprah ever asks what one thing I know…

She stood across the table from me unable to speak. A catch in her throat, she said. You see, I read your other book, A Silence of Mockingbirds, the one on Karly Sheehan. I started following your blog. It was such a powerful book. Can you tell me, she said, pausing again, tearing up: How is David?

He’s good, I replied. Liz is in med school, working on her pediatric oncology degree. She is beautiful and the light of his life.

Do they have children?

Readers of A Silence of Mockingbirds always want to know that about David. read more

Grace & Poetry

You need to know how God-infused this journey has been.

I arrived at WAMU station early.

We actually went to the wrong floor but some British chap noticed how lost we looked and offered to escort us back to the right place.

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