Parts Unknown


So while all y’all were glued to the television, watching Trump implode by

1) Refusing yet again to release his financials because he really doesn’t want you to know how deep is his involvement with Putin

2) Committing treason by daring Russians to find him dirt on Hillary because Trump frankly hasn’t a clue (to quote Biden) on how to conduct a campaign with dignity much less a country with honor

3) Making a mockery out of America and Amercians while he aligns himself as one of Putin’s personal assistants


Tim and I were on another cross-country adventure. We stopped in West Texas to visit Doc and his wife. Doc was the surgeon who fought to save Daddy’s life in Vietnam. We connected several years ago when his son read the memoir about Dad’s death. He wrote to me and said his father had told him a similar story about a man he tried to save in the field.

Ours is a lovely story of how God transforms darkness into light. How the thing meant to harm us, God can use for good. Doc and his family and our family have kept in touch since we found each other in 2005. It’s a beautiful thing, this redemption and restoration business.

I wish you could have heard the prayer Doc prayed as Tim and I gathered with him and his bride in the driveway of his home before we left West Texas this morning.


The entire day got off to a tender and emotional start.

We drove for 12 hours.

Texas is as big as it claims it is.

Big. Big. Big. Kids in East Texas grow up on the drive to West Texas to visit grandparents. That’s how big Texas is.

But we managed to make Santa Fe an hour before dark.


While walking around town, we stopped in the road to take a selfie with the historic church in the background, when a sweet lady, also from Texas, asked if she could take the photo for us.

Turns out, Libby and her husband Mike have made several trips to Santa Fe. She told us where to shop, where to eat and all the things new people to town need to know about.

And she introduced us to Mike, who just so happens … are you holding on to your cowboy hat? … just so happens to be a Gold Star Son! He was just a toddler when his father died in World War II.



God’s poetry abounds.

Somebody should tell Trump that.

Oh. Wait. I think Joe Biden and President Obama and half-a-dozen other people did just that at the DNC tonight.

Lordy, when Obama finished, I put my face in my hands and wept the ugly cry. I am so very grateful I have lived during a time when men of honor and dignity and humility have served. Thank you Presidents Jimmy Carter and Barack Obama. You make me feel like dancing.


I pray my grandsons get the opportunity to grow up in America under men and women who exudes dignity and kindness and vision the way you two have done.

They are three of the reasons why I’m voting for Hillary.

Love Trumps Hate.

We are stronger together.


And, journalists, you can do us all a favor by not marginalizing Trump and his message. When he urges Russia to spy on Clinton, don’t respond with mocking laughter, asking whether he’s serious.

He’s serious as a heart attack.

Your marginalization of this seriously dangerous man is putting our nation at risk.

When he says crazy things, it is because he is maniacal, not because he’s being funny.

Hate isn’t funny.

Espionage is no laughing matter.

Quit treating Trump as a juvenile.

The man is serious in his intent to destroy this country.

That’s the paradigm you need to be reporting from.

Not a dismissive tone.

Lord, heal our nation and remind us to be our best selves  – a people of hope, not fear.



Karen Spears Zacharias is an author and a Gold-Star Daughter and a praying woman who always bets on a better future and those candidates who speak to our better selves and not our worst fears.



Karen Spears Zacharias

Author/Journalist/Educator. Gold Star Daughter.



about 7 years ago

How wonderful that you and Doc have met and maintain a relationship; a wonderful story of how God transforms darkness into light and trades us "beauty for ashes...peace for despair". So glad that you and your husband were able to make the trip and have a good visit. My husband and I are also very concerned about the rise of Trump and the real possibility of him becoming president. There is no joke here; the stakes are too serious. While Clinton is not an ideal candidate; she does have a record of working for betterment of humankind and the environment. It is reported that she is a "good listener" and has a high intelligence. Our hope is that she has learned from past mistakes/miscalculations. She appears to be a person capable of reflection and consideration- Trump does not give evidence of these important traits, in fact, quite the opposite. We're committed to talking to people about this election; to encourage them toconsider the implications for our present and future and ,yes, declare that "Love Trumps Hate"!


Karen Spears Zacharias

about 7 years ago

Thank you, Cindy. We all need to use all the resources we have to get HC elected because the alternative is an insane one. I wish both parties had given us other choices, but they didn't. One of these two people will be president and no one can afford for it to be Trump.


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