• Q&A with Sam McLeod

    Q&A with Sam McLeod

    Ham biscuits cause Sam McLeod to go weak in the knees. So does his mama’s meat loaf, fried chicken done right, mac-and-cheese with oysters, and pie of any sort, although chess pie is his favorite. Like a lot of southern folks, Sam McLeod has rarely[..]
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  • A leader in the faith

    A leader in the faith

    This is the place where I want your thoughts on something. You know that I wrote that letter Miz Rice and that it was published at a couple of different places -- Burnside Writers.com and RelevantMagazine.com. Well, the discussion over at Relevant has been lively,[..]
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  • Gifts


    I made a trip to Detour Farm this week. I will be telling you more about that on Monday. While I was there Miz Annie gave me a gift -- a dozen of the most beautiful eggs I've ever seen. Aren't they pretty? I didn't[..]
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  • Discussion continues

    Discussion continues

    Relevant Mag picked up the Letter to Anne Rice. The discussion continues on their site. Click here to join in.
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  • A letter to Anne Rice

    A letter to Anne Rice

    Dear Ms. Anne: You don't know me, so please excuse the intrusion. I hope you won't think this too forward but I read about your recent remarks about quitting Christianity: "For those who care, and I understand if you don't: Today I quit being a[..]
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  • The Boy’s Birthday Blessing

    The Boy’s Birthday Blessing

    So the truth is that 30 years ago now, I thought I was raising up a future TV Evangelist. Or maybe it was a used car salesman. Red pants, Mom, really? And that plaid jacket? It's still tucked away in the foot locker with all[..]
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  • The Lump in God’s Throat

    The Lump in God’s Throat

    He leaned over to Kim and said, "Can you believe he's 53?" It was a remark aimed at the youthfulness of my husband. "Yeah," I said. "We've got that whole George and Barbara Bush thing going on. People ask if he's my son." Sigh. Tim[..]
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  • Letter from Hugh

    Letter from Hugh

    Dear Friends: When I met them several years ago, they were homeless. She had delivered five children, all of whom had been taken by the state. He was a crackhead living off her food stamps, who made spending money by turning tricks for the white-collar[..]
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  • 700 Club Interview

    700 Club Interview

    Forget the week. It's been one of those years. I am not going into all that but suffice it to say it's just been one of those years. Take Monday morning for example. I was up at 5 a.m. for a pre-scheduled interview with the[..]
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