• Remembering The Redhead

    Remembering The Redhead

    I have been praying for a redhead grandson. My daughter says that's a weird prayer. Perhaps. But I miss having a redhead in my life. It has been three years and one day since I had my last face-to-face visit with The Redhead. There have[..]
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  • A Conversation with Dr. Scot McKnight

    A Conversation with Dr. Scot McKnight

    Awhile back I sat down with Dr. Scot McKnight  following a lecture he gave at George Fox University. A prolific author and blogger (Jesus Creed) and world-renowned speaker, Dr. McKnight begins a new appointment as Professor of New Testament at Northern Seminary this August. When we spoke at George Fox University, I[..]
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  • New York City’s Mayor Mom

    New York City’s Mayor Mom

    (Editor's Note: Disclaimer:  The following is NOT a real news story. It is satire, told for fun.  Still, I imagine someone will read this and prove Mayor Mom's point.) Mayor Bloomberg must be having delusions of Mrs. Doubtfire. Bloomberg certainly seems confused. He's mistaken the role[..]
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  • The Sacrifice of being Gay & Mormon

    The Sacrifice of being Gay & Mormon

    One of the sad truths about being homosexual is that no matter what you decide for your future, you have to sacrifice something. It’s very sad, but it is true. I think this is true of life in general as well. If you decide to[..]
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  • Hold your applause Rosie O’Donnell

    Hold your applause Rosie O’Donnell

    Rosie O’Donnell and I had a brief Twitter exchange yesterday in response to this video.  Rosie tweeted that she loved the guy behind the camera. The one videotaping Anthony Sanchez, a California Irrigation Official, whipping his son for what news officials are reporting as “failing to[..]
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  • Time for the Church to Step Up

    Time for the Church to Step Up

    It never fails. Every time I speak before any group about A SILENCE OF MOCKINGBIRDS, someone will approach me, usually quietly, and confide one of the following: - They were abused as children - They have a grandchild who has been abused - They have a friend[..]
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  • Grace & Poetry

    Grace & Poetry

      You need to know how God-infused this journey has been. I arrived at WAMU station early. We actually went to the wrong floor but some British chap noticed how lost we looked and offered to escort us back to the right place. To finish[..]
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  • I Know Miracle

    I Know Miracle

    I already know miracle. L’Engle I came across those words this morning in my readings. I started out reading’s Miroslav Volf’s A Public Faith. A man I have known for a very long time commented over coffee recently that he was pleased to hear me say before God[..]
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  • Homer Simpson’s Hometown Meeting

    Homer Simpson’s Hometown Meeting

    The girl with the gentle smile came up behind me, quietly, like a five-year old who knows not to interrupt when mommy is talking. I'd just finished a talk at City Hall in Springfield, Oregon. Yes. The very home of Homer Simpson. Reading at the[..]
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