• Bent Over Ourselves

    Bent Over Ourselves

    I’ve been reading Mary Karr’s memoir Lit – her struggle through alcoholism and depression and getting sober and finding something to believe in. In reading her story, I’ve been stuck by how universal the feelings of inadequacy she experiences are. I know I often feel like the bystander[..]
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  • Dancing Your Way to Happiness

    Dancing Your Way to Happiness

    I have a girlfriend who is diagnosed schizophrenic. She and I have been friends for decades. When I was working on my second book she said to me, "I wish I could be a writer so I could keep myself entertained." I laughed and said,[..]
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  • The Pauper’s Home

    The Pauper’s Home

    Usually when we think of the poor we focus on issues related to their daily needs. What do they need? A warm biscuit and a cup of coffee. A coat, a pair of boots, dry socks, wool gloves and a stocking cap. A place to[..]
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  • A new hood to hang out in

    A new hood to hang out in

    I have a lot of things to catch you up on: -the Paul  Young event in Seattle -the Anne Jackson event in Portland - the surgery - Ashley's car wreck But perhaps the biggest news of all is something I haven't yet confided to you[..]
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  • Go to Hell

    Go to Hell

    Last week Hugh Hollowell (LOVEWINS) was on stage with Shane Claiborne and Johnathan Wilson-Hartgrove at Big Tent Christianity. Hugh is The Marine in Will Jesus Buy Me a Double-Wide? The following is the talk Hugh gave and now you know why I adore me some Hugh[..]
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  • Pre-Order Your Copy Now! Pat Conroy calls Patti Callahan Henry’s debut novella lyrical – “Patti takes you to those places in the heart you didn’t even know you wanted to go.” In The Perfect Love Song, Callahan Henry tells the story of Jimmy Sullivan, who[..]
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  • Young & Driscoll

    Young & Driscoll

    I'm headed up to Seattle Friday to see my buddy Paul Young. Paul has issued an open invite to Pastor Mark Driscoll of Seattle's Mars Hill to join him for a discussion. I'll be reporting back here on the blog and over at Twitter about[..]
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  • Hauling water

    Hauling water

    One of my girlfriends went camping over Labor Day. Not necessarily a big deal. Lots of people camp. Only she was camping the old-fashioned way -- bag on the ground. It had been a while since my girlfriend camped. It had been awhile since she[..]
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