• Breast Pumps & the Fear of the Lord

    Breast Pumps & the Fear of the Lord

    I think a lot about words, how we use them and how prevalent certain words are. Recently I had a discussion with someone about breast pumps. There was a time in my life when breast pump was common terminology in our household and in conversations with friends. When[..]
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  • Bubba Boy’s Birthday

    Bubba Boy’s Birthday

    Thirty-three years ago today, I drank a bottle of Castor oil and got sicker than a yard dog with scours. This after I'd eaten half a watermelon.  This after I'd gone nearly four weeks overdue with my firstborn. It's not just some old wives tale.[..]
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  • Jonah Lehrer: A little too much Imagination

    Jonah Lehrer: A little too much Imagination

    I understand the temptation. It is so much easier to make stuff up than to do the research, do the interviews, dig up the documents, and then reference all those. This last book was five years in the making. Five years of writing, re-writing, interviewing[..]
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  • Looky-See


    I went for a walk this morning When I happened upon this elegant creature, I assumed it was carved from bronze. But alas I was wrong. All the creatures I happened upon, moved slowly, but they moved. It was early still but hot as an[..]
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  • After the killings

    After the killings

      I am off to Baton Rouge. I won’t return until Saturday. Pray for me, will you? I need prayer this week. My girlfriend here in town called me tonight. She’s worried about all this traveling I’ve been doing — Atlanta, Seattle, now Baton Rouge.[..]
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  • Bondage: A Black & White Matter

    Bondage: A Black & White Matter

    I couldn’t find any surveys or studies to reference but I have a theory about the cult-hit book Fifty Shades of Grey.  I have a hunch this book is far more popular with white audiences than black ones. Perhaps the Pew Research Center ought to conduct[..]
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  • God’s Grandchildren: Your Handiwork

    God’s Grandchildren: Your Handiwork

    Church Lady Clothesline by Janie McGee   Some years ago, my daughter Shelby and I were traveling across country. I've gone back and forth so many times, in so many ways -- except boat, never taken a boat across country -- that I can't remember[..]
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  • Remembering The Redhead

    Remembering The Redhead

    I have been praying for a redhead grandson. My daughter says that's a weird prayer. Perhaps. But I miss having a redhead in my life. It has been three years and one day since I had my last face-to-face visit with The Redhead. There have[..]
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  • A Conversation with Dr. Scot McKnight

    A Conversation with Dr. Scot McKnight

    Awhile back I sat down with Dr. Scot McKnight  following a lecture he gave at George Fox University. A prolific author and blogger (Jesus Creed) and world-renowned speaker, Dr. McKnight begins a new appointment as Professor of New Testament at Northern Seminary this August. When we spoke at George Fox University, I[..]
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